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For over 20 years, English School of Canada has educated over 40,000 students from more than 50 countries. 

Students appreciate and are engaged by the multicultural student body they find at our fully accredited school. At English School of Canada, we focus on teaching with our award-winning teachers and programs and activities to give our vibrant and dynamic students a true Canadian experience.

As Canada's largest city, Toronto is a clean, safe, modern city that is easy to get around and offers plenty to do and see. You will enjoy the shopping, sports and entertainment to a thriving arts scene, beautiful natural wonders and world-class restaurants. New residents, students, travelers, and curious locals are constantly reinventing the city.

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Our Online Pathway Programs
Our online University College Transfer Program (UCTP) is an intensive course designed for students who are either on a pathway agreement or wish to study academic English for their own personal reasons.

Designed in partnership with Canadian colleges and universities, the course develops the skills required for you to succeed in college and university. 

You will practice your reading and listening comprehension through college-level materials, learn to speak in a variety of contexts and formats, and write various styles of texts, all while building your academic vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking skills.

University College Transfer Program Preparation (UCTP Prep) - English for Academic Purposes

Minimum Level Requirement: Level 7

This program is for students interested in taking ESC’s 12-week UCTP (University College Transfer Program). In this program, students learn presentation skills, group discussion skills, academic reading skills, lecture skills and note-taking skills. 

These are fundamental and necessary skills needed to enter and succeed in both the University and College Transfer Program (UCTP) and any higher education setting.

University College Transfer Program (UCTP) - English for Academic Purposes

This 12-week academic English program is designed for students who have the ultimate goal of attending a university or college in the U.S. and Canada. 

This is an advanced-level program which focuses on providing students with the academic English skills necessary to succeed at the university or college level.

You will develop the personal and professional skills you need to succeed in higher education. UCTP graduates meet the English requirements at our partner colleges and universities.

Find The Perfect College Or University For Your Goals
Gain the skills to study at one of our many partner colleges and universities.
Why English School Of Canada Toronto?
For over 20 years, English School of Canada has educated 40,000 students from more than 50 countries. 

Students appreciate and are engaged with the multicultural student body they study with at our fully accredited school.
Established by teachers, ESC brings together current teaching methods and techniques with a fully accredited and award-winning teaching team.

 Our support staff are qualified to help students in a variety of roles from academic counselors to activity coordinators to administrative support.
Toronto is known for being one of the world's most liveable cities

It is a clean, safe, modern city that is easy to get around and offers plenty to do and see. New residents, students, travelers, and curious locals are constantly reinventing the city.
Don't just learn the language - live it!
Activities & Social Events
ESC Toronto offers many in-school and after-school social activities and events to help you practice your English and make friends from around the world!

A trip to Niagara Falls, canoeing to Toronto Island, watching a baseball game or a BBQ in the sun? All of these are available for you!
Real Students. Real reviews.
Adam Su reviewed:

This school is the best language school in Toronto. 

Before, I went to other language schools it was worst and my English didn't improve, so I leave that school and came here.

I studied in here for four mouths, I got a great improved. Especially, after I finished the class, using the mark to got my dream offer, so in this school, if you study hard, you can totally improve your English skills. 

For all reasons, I think this school is best in Toronto.
Cindy Hu reviewed:

Good school for me and prepared me well into the Master Program, then immigration of our family. I was a graduate of UCTP program of ESC. From my experience and observation, the teaching and programming was strict and highly intensed, which might be more applicable to young students, and felt hard for mature student like me. However, the leader and teacher were warm-hearted aside of their professional. I believe it is not only a good place to improve English, but also it is a place to start familiar with the value, culture, policy etc. in North America. Students learn to debate, express their idea out loud and critically, work as team... which are not always common in their home countries. Well prepared for colleges and universities.

Hany Yang reviewed:

ESC is a good and professional course to excel your English.

The teacher are helpful and very nice.
The class's environment is energetically which is encouraged you be just like a native speaker.

But there were so many homework everyday, oh gosh 😂

I've got plenty nice friends either much beautiful amazing memories, so come to Toronto , explore wonderful Canada and join ECS for your best English 😍
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